The work of a digital signature certificate is that it uses as a handwritten signature in electronic format. All electronic documents and online transactions signed by these certificates. More and more businesses/works are going paperless and online- like send a document,  send a message, order a job, make a money transition, e-tender and all other types of work. It is necessary to sign /authenticate electronic documents.  The digital signature certificate uses for the sign /authenticate online documents. These signature are valid as handwritten signatures. These certificates have more digital security and more value.

Digital signature benefits –

  • Message authentication:- Digital Signature Certificate is used for the authenticity of an online document /transaction.
  • Cut costs save time: – The major digital signature benefit is its save our time, we no need to physical presence. It also cut our cost by less paperwork, fewer documentations and also save papers.
  • Improve Digital Workflow:- By using signature certificates we improve our digital workflow.
  • Do not need to physically attend to sign yourself:- It makes possible to do signatures on documents without physical presence.
  • Digital Signature Certificate is nationally and internationally recognized:- Digital Signatures Certificate is valid for nationally and internationally transactions.
  • This certificate is legally valid:- Digital Signatures are legally acceptable in a Court of Law, as given under the provisions of IT Act, 2000.
  • It can not be denied.

Digital signature usage –

Digital signature usage for most of the online transactions and online authentication. Some common digital signature uses mentioned below –

1. GST registration and GST return filing on the GST portal – Digital Signature Certificates are used on the GST portal for registration and return filling.

2. Income tax registration and return filing on income tax portal – DSC is used on the income tax India portal for income tax registration and return filling validation.

3.MCA (ministry of corporate affears) portal.

4.EPFO  portal for P.F(provident fund).

5.For bank transitions.

The Digital signature application –


  1. For online tender – Work of digital signature certificate is that its use for online tender filling portals. central e-tender portals and state-level tender portal.
  2. On the Procurement Portal – both on central and state-level portals.
  3. On Auction Portals – for online auction, you need to sign by DSC
  4. On the portal of bidding – Digital Signature is also required on bidding portals.
  5. For Import Export(Import / Export Trade).
  6. DGFT portal.
  7. On all the banks’ portal.
  8. In all Government departments – All government departments use Digital Signature certificate for authorized signature in online document /certificate issuance.
Work of digital signature certificate

Work of digital signature certificate

 Digital signature working –

Digital signature working is very simple but very secure. Anyone have basic knowledge of computer, can work /sign with Digital Signature certificate.

It is very easy to make this certificate, you can also make it from your mobile phone and get delivery at your home by courier / India post in 2 to 3 days. you have to need to upload only a few documents like Pan card and Address proof(passport, voter id card, gas connection, electricity bill, water bill, driving license, GST Reg.certificate with address, bank statement signed by the manager) provide any.

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