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DSC – Digital Signature is digitally like of paper signature certificates. This Certificate works as proof of the identity of an individual for a specific object.

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Advantage of Digital Signature –

A Digital Signature can be given electronically to prove one’s uniqueness, to access information online. A DSC is a scientific way of proving the authenticity of digital documents.

  • A valid digital signature gives authentication a receiver that the Signature was performed by an authenticated sender.
  • The sender cannot refuse the signature.
  • The message was not altered in transition.
  • It validates documents digitally.

Digital signatures certificate use –

• Income tax registration and return filing.
Pay Manager DDO for salary bill preparation
• GST registration and filing of return.
• MCA portal registration and MCA return filling.
• OTCP portal for online claim submission.
• Financial institutional for Banking

Types of DSC –

Digital Signature Certificates issued mainly two types – Class 2 DSC and Class 3 DSC
Class 2 Digital Certificate:- These certificates are issued to both organizations & individual persons. This is the best certificate for E-filling with GST and INCOME TAX returns.
This certificate is compulsory for individuals /organizations who have to sign manual papers while filing of GST and Income Tax returns.

Class 3 DSC Certificates:- Class 3 DSC are issued to both individuals & organizations. It is used for participating in the online-tendering process. The Govt. contractors and vendors participate and submit the online tendering must have a Class 3 DSC.

Documents Required for Digital Signature

  • Applicant PAN CARD.
  • Applicant Address proof – Aadhar card, electricity bill, voter id card
  • One photo of the applicant

How to Apply for the DSC?

Following are the Processes for Applying for DSC

1. Submission of DSC Application forms properly filled in by the applicant.
2. Select the type of your DSC
• According to Class – Class 2 DSC & Class 3 DSC
• According to use.
3. Make online payment for DSC.
4. Complete mobile verifications.
5. Complete video verification
6. Get your Dsc at your address in  two days by courier/speed post